My Book Review of CAVE MAN NEED WIFE (The First Mountain Man Book 2)

cave man 2Cave Man Need Wife by Frankie Love
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great 2nd installment

What an enjoyable tale on its own, but a fantastic continuation of the world/story stars in book 1. I was thrilled the lose ends in CAVE MAN were mostly tied up as it was interwoven into book 2. It made it very fulfilling.

I loved the elements of fate and the way the characters viewed one another. The value each has for the other and the sincerity of their emotions is what makes these stories for me. It was present in book 1, but seemed to be more enriched in CAVEMAN NEEDS WIFE. I think the introduction of the different personalities helped to illustrate it better, at least for me.

I tend to be irritated with virgins having these amazing 1st times, though I know romance is escapism. However, I felt the author handled it well in this story, giving the steam expected from the trope while maintaining a sense of realism.

I definitely recommend this quick read. It was a delight – a modern Tarzan with a touch of science fiction to boot.

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