My Book Review of The UFO experience – A scientific inquiry

UFO HynekThe UFO experience – A scientific inquiry by J. Allen Hynek
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Worth Reading

Anyone interested in UFOlogy knows who Dr. J. Allen Hynek is. With this book, he created the system for close encounters. He’s the consultant behind Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

I waited a long time to read this book. Picking it up, I already had a wealth of knowledge regarding UFOs. However, this was historical literature, and it proved worth the wait.

I loved Dr. Hynek’s passion for truth. Even as he criticized what he knew was wrong with Project Blue Book, the Condon Report, and others, he remained true to the scientific method, advocated for better research, and championed for caution. He was precise on what was needed and why.

What I didn’t like was that Dr. Hynek’s complaints from 1972 remain today. His plea for dropping prejudice and allowing reports without ridicule went unheard. It seems nothing has changed.

There are important nuggets of information in this text. It’s not about aliens – it’s a proponent for proper research, better data gathering, and a uniformed collection of information to track trends. It’s about looking for valid scientific merits in something worthy of consideration for the advancement of human understanding.

I applaud Dr. Hynek. This is an inspirational, if not exactly academic, publication. Well done.

Currently, it looks like the version I read is no longer available on Amazon. However, you can get the paperback edition.

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