My Book Review of Resident Alien #1

resident alienResident Alien #1 by Peter Hogan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Good Setup for Story

This is a strong continuation for the murder sprung in the first installment of the series. It carries on the story, but lacks in the character development and relationships I love so much in the television show. Still, it is fascinating to see the similarities as well as the differences between the comic and the script.

What I liked was the way we learned more about the victim and possible culprits. I liked how logical Harry is. That is a different kind of Harry than Alan Tudyk’s portrayal (who I adore), but still one that is enjoyable – more Dick Tracy in style here than I expected. I also appreciated the cliffhanger, which leaves us coming back for more.

What I disliked was the lack of personalism. I think it plays well into Harry and his disconnect from humans, but it left me wanting. I love the television series based on this comic book series, and though I know to expect differences, I thought I’d be pulled into the story faster than this.

I am fascinated by this story. I am anxious to pick up the next installment. I cannot wait to discover more about Harry and how he fits into his human world, especially as he gets further entangled in the murders of the town. It seems fate has something instore for him despite his protests.

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