My Book Review of Spare Dick

Spare DickSpare Dick by Sarina Wilde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A beautiful love story

I was pleasantly surprised by the emotion, tenderness, and love expressed in this book. The author did a phenomenal job of capturing each character’s essence while creating a sexy tale of lust-to-love and a thrilling crime mystery for the detectives to solve. There’s so many facets to this title!

What I loved most was the relationships. The depth of compassion each person had for the other. Even when they made mistakes, they took a moment to assess not only the situation from all views but also their part in how events played out. The balance of self and the unit was beautifully mastered because it was based on more than sex.

I liked how the author gave a new view of a menage. She showed a side that was beyond carnal thirsts; one illustrating how love can be expanded and even transcend gender or traditional constraints. Nothing about it felt unnatural.

As an editor, there were some structural issues with the text. However, the writing was so well done that it didn’t distract from the story or flow. The tale drew me in and kept me engaged even during moments I’d consider out of my comfort zone.

I recommend this book. It’s a lovely tale of human connection and acceptance. It’s a sweet love story with a fascinating crime to be solved, as well!

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