Sheriff of Starr County by David A. Bowles

Sheriff of Starr County

Book Five in the Westward Sagas

The true elements of Texas continue with critically acclaimed author and fifth generation pioneer, David A. Bowles

The book is published by Plum Creek Press and is available worldwide across all platforms!

When Texas becomes a newly-minted state, good men and women work hard toward progress and peace. Texas Ranger Will Smith travels to the borderlands of the Nueces Strip to become the first Sheriff of Starr County. He’ll do what he must to bring justice to the frontier, including wrangling outlaws, navigating political intrigues, fighting Indians, and keeping the tenuous peace between the Tejano and Anglo residents. He encounters influential statesmen and entrepreneurs of early Texas, assists the US Army, and falls for two very different women.

This is exciting and authentic fiction based on the author’s own ancestors. It’s a compelling story in readable format for anyone who appreciates Texas history.

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About David:

David A. Bowles is the fifth generation of his family to be born in Austin Texas. Both parents were from pioneer settlers. His great grandmother, Elnora Van Cleve was the first child born in Austin on April 14, 1841. His award-winning series, the Westward Sagas is based on her family and their one-hundred-year journey from Pennsylvania to Texas. David and his dog Becka, enjoy Texas from October-May. When the last bluebonnet has lost its bloom, they pack up the RV and head for cooler weather telling and writing stories

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