My Book Review of Taboo Topics In The Bible: Aliens & UFOs

aliens & UFOsTaboo Topics In The Bible: Aliens & UFOs by Dante Fortson
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Interesting Read

This was short and sweet – to the point. It was direct with good research and supporting documentation. It was well organized and written, despite some typos.

What I liked is that the Pastor didn’t shy away from a modern topic that most leaders have shunned. I like that he represented Christians in a way that’s positive and showed extraterrestrial life isn’t detrimental to our faith. I’ve never believed life in the universe would mitigate or eliminate God… My God is all powerful and created the HEAVENS and the earth.

I am not sure what to believe about aliens, but I do know what to believe about God.

I think this is a sound theory… perhaps more so than Ancient Aliens, but it is still narrowed only to Christianity, which limits God. I am a Christian, but not everyone is, which I believe is okay since we all find our own way to our Creator. Being an omnipotent deity, I think we are remiss to put God (or someone’s relationship with God) into any sort of box. Still, it is important to listen to all views and to educate yourself on what is happening around you.
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