My Book Review of Santa’s Lost Reindeer: A Christmas Book That Will Keep You Laughing

santa's lost deerSanta’s Lost Reindeer: A Christmas Book That Will Keep You Laughing by Rachel Hilz
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How Adorable!

This was a great story. I absolutely loved it and intend to purchase it for my grandkids. I know they will enjoy it as much as I did – and their parents will enjoy reading it with them.

First, the story itself is cute. It really does make you chuckle. It is sweet and something I feel kids will be able to relate to – the deer getting scared and running off without thinking. Santa’s worry as he goes on a mad search for him. It gives an opening for caregivers to discuss why littles want to remain close to their adults even when they get frightened by something unexpected.

Second, it is a lesson in asking for help. I love that even Santa needed help and that he got it from average people. This shows littles that you don’t have to be magical or some sort of superhero to be helpful and capable.

Third, the prose. I love that the author chose to write the tale in rhyme. It was witty and entertaining. It will give another layer of enjoyment adults as well as the young readers.

Lastly, the illustrations were a delight. They added to the story and increased the giggle factor. My favorite has to be when Santa defrosted Bucky with a hairdryer. LOL The youngest littles will enjoy pointing things out and talking about the pictures. It will be a fun way for them to discover the story when their attention spans no longer want you to read.

Yes, yes, yes – I do recommend this book. There are many reasons to buy it for your kids. What a wonderful gift!
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