My Book Review of Pushing Up Daisies (Tea Shop Cozy Mystery Book 1)

pushing up daisiesPushing Up Daisies by Katherine Hayton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Cozy Read

I enjoyed this story. It was a good mystery surrounded by interesting friendships and caring hearts. Plus, there was a cat, so that’s a win!

The characters were charming. I loved how diverse the Willow, Harmony, and Reg were from each other, yet they had a deep respect for one another. The support and concern they shared was beautiful.

The dynamic between Willow and the sheriff added a lovely layer of depth. At times, it made me laugh. At times, it irritated me. Ultimately, where I find myself was surprised.

I recommend this book. It’s well written and entertaining. I’m looking forward to jumping into the next installment of the series!
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