My Book Review of The Wehrwolf: A Short Story

wehrwolfThe Wehrwolf by Alma Katsu
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tragic and Powerful

The blend of German folklore and WWII was brilliant. The humanity of Uwe made the monsters more defined by their lack of compassion. The appeal from benefits reaped made the Devil’s promises and evil itself more appealing. Combined, it was a fantastic horror story inline with Halloween, the coming dark of winter months, and the remembrances of the Great Wars.

I can tell you this story will stay with me. It’s one of the most unique werewolf tales I’ve read yet. Though a short story, it’s a complete tale that’s captivating as well as deep. It has my emotions stirred as much as my thoughts.

I recommend this book. It’s perfect for readers who love dark fiction, WWII fiction, paranormal thrillers, shifter tales, or just great storytelling. Well done!
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