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hero hatersHero Haters by Ken MacQueen
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Horrifically Twisted

This book… there were moments I felt sick to my stomach. The demented people depicted is the worst kind of horror, but the plot… I can’t deny the brilliant story the author wrote. It’s twisted, but only because human nature can be.

What I liked was the relationship between Jake & Erik. Their brotherhood was refreshing and a lovely contrast to the darkness of Kristy & Brad. The unconditional love and respect was inspiring, especially in such horrific setting.

There were a lot of relationships to admire. The author had equally despicable ones (like Trent and everyone involved with him LOL), but the most heroic elements were the actions done in compassion through these connections. I won’t elaborate because I don’t want to potentially spoil anything for anyone.

The warped mind of the professor was haunting. There were moments when you wanted to feel badly for him and his twisted adopted children. However, you’re left wondering what’s nature, nurture, or just plan psychotic. Not to mention, where do you draw the line between taught behavior and personal choice? Interesting how this plays into the story…

I recommend this title. Honestly, I didn’t think I would. At first, I struggled with it because of the cruelty of the antagonists, but the story is too good not to share. And in the end, there’s a good message of hope.
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