My Book Review of At the Bottom of New Lake (Warmer collection)

New LakeAt the Bottom of New Lake by Sonya Larson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Interesting View

I liked Chauntao’s view of the world over the teacher’s. It gave an interesting perspective of how disaster broke down the barriers in many ways. It showed that poverty was something much greater than lacking posessions and that the accumulation of “wealth” might be more damaging than the simple things in life.

I liked that Chauntao recognized the hypocrisy. She appreciated the beauty around her, relishing in what she had opposed to mourning what she lacked. She fiesty spirit made me think that’s what we all need to survive difficulties.

I didn’t like that her mom was called a racial slur. I didn’t like that her congressman didn’t help her. I agreed that her issue should have been just as important. It made me sad.

I recommend this quick read. It really made me think about things from a different angle. It made me less afraid of climate change because it reminded me to value the simple, embrace the joy, and love deeply.
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