My Book Review of Olympian Passion: Olympian Love Trilogy Book 1

Hot MoonOlympian Passion by Andrya Bailey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A romance for philhellenes

I was drawn to this book because of the beautiful cover as well as my love of archaeology. The idea of Greek mythology and art blended with love at first sight was a lovely premise for a story. Obviously, I needed to know more.

What I liked was the friendships shared among Sabrina, Jane, Curt, and Robert. The unconditional love and acceptance they had for one another was refreshing, not to mention what real relationships should be like. The honesty between them proved their genuine care, and their kindness was a testament to their respect for each other.

What I didn’t enjoy was the over-used references to “Greek god” and “Olympian god.” The attempt to connect to the Grecian imagery and recapping some of the character details became somewhat redundant. Also, I was frustrated with the relationship between Sabrina and Nikos – it felt less like love and more like lust to me.

I’m sure many romance readers will love this book. It ticks all the boxes for the genre, though I, personally, felt a disconnect emotionally. Still, I want to finish the series to know how it all plays out. I’d like to see what becomes of Sabrina and her friends, especially if Maggie gets a reality check in the future.
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