My Book Review of Pink Is Not a Color

PinkPink Is Not a Color by Lindsay Ward

Beautifully Educational

This was such a cute book. I loved the artistry, but more so, I loved the storyline. It was a great way to teach kids about inclusion, findings one’s uniqueness, and colors.

What I loved was the subtle lessons woven into the tale. It was brilliantly executed. As the question about Pink was being asked, information about colors were being revealed in logical, entertaining, and helpful ways. It was enjoyable and comfortable.

There wasn’t anything I didn’t like. I felt the authors did a lovely job teaching something practical while also helping kids to understand how special we all are, even when we don’t fit into molds.

I’d recommend this book for middle grade readers. It is a little advanced for my 5 yo granddaughter, though she is interested in colored. I think this would be better for more mature elementary schoolers – maybe 8+.
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