Embracing The Tempest by D.A. Andrews

Embracing The Tempest

A stunning second collection by poet D.A. Andrews

The book is published by Squirrel House Publishing and is available worldwide in print format

In the second collection from D.A. Andrews, author of To Fight Fire With Sun, the poet shares the lessons life has taught her with an audience sure to be spellbound by the strength of her poetry. Exploring themes of familial grief, the heavy weight of expectations, and what it means to come into oneself, Andrews weathers the storms of life with grace and strength, inviting the reader to explore what Embracing the Tempest might look like in their own lives.

More From D.A. Andrews:

To Fight Fire With Sun is a chapbook of poetry that dives into the experiences of love and loss. From conception, we have known love (or the lack thereof) and have grown to understand how this experience makes us the humans we are today. Loss comes in all forms. Whether through a friend, lover, or ourselves, we seek to find some method with which we can understand this pain and heal from it. To Fight Fire With Sun is just that- a queer girl’s exploration into how one can love, lose, and heal through the power of words.

“There is a lyricism to these poems that echoes through the pages, words of how to face experiences, adjust, and heal, DA Andrews is a spirit to follow.”

– Grady Harp, Top 100 Amazon Reviewer

“Poetry is subjective. It’s symbolism can take new meaning with each read, which makes it such a fascinating art form. D.A. Andrews does a nice job of modernizing it while giving it an everyday style of language.”

– J.M Northup, Editor Norns Triad Publications

About D.A. Andrews:

D. A. Andrews was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. Throughout the years, she has developed wide interests in various aspects of life, such as coffee, weddings, books, and psychology. She is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus with a BSc. in Marine Biology and Psychology (Honors) and is currently pursuing her MBA. She considers herself a nomad at heart and has changed cities and apartments quite as often as she changes her clothes. She is currently resting her head in Brunswick, Georgia, with her black cat (and familiar), Luna.

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