My Book Review of Stellaluna 25th Anniversary Edition

StellalunaStellaluna by Janell Cannon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great Lessons For Kids

I love this book. Not only does it have great lessons about bats subtly worked into the story, but it also has additional facts at the end.

It’s a wonderful tale of unconditional acceptance. When the mother bird welcomes the little bat without question, only asking that she respects the rules of their home for safety purposes, I was moved. Inclusion is so important and something children need to be taught. Furthermore, the baby birds and bats noted and appreciated each others differences, but never alienated or belittled them. I applaud that, too.

The artwork is adorable. The little flourishes are lovely touches, and it gives a lot for littles to explore.

This is a wonderful book for elementary school to middle grade readers. It would be a nice book for adults to read with smaller kids, but it is a bit mature and may not hold the attention of energetic preschoolers. Still, the message and art are definitely worth trying to engage these youths!
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