My Book Review of Oware Mosaic

Oware MosaicOware Mosaic by Nzondi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Creative Tech Dystopian

This is an original spin on some existing concepts. A creative story bringing together pieces of Star Trek, Hunger Games, and True Blood/Soosie Stackhouse.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. It had lots of action and intrigue. I found Xo and Lamp a believeable dynamic. The unique blend of technology with this post-nuclear world was well developed. The author did a great job adding in small details to elude to big reveals.

I must admit, considering this is a Bram Stroker Award Winner, I was disappointed with the inconsistencies and errors I easily spotted. Without giving anything away, an example is a scene where Lamp isn’t present, yet the author still has her commenting (happens in more than one scene). Also, the enhumans (ennies) are never fully explained. Perhaps they don’t have to be, but with everything else explained, traditional vampires being compared to them, and their origins being eluded to, that would’ve been nice. It felt like a lost opportunity, which left me wondering.

If based on structure and editing, I would rate this book lower. However, the story is entertaining, there’s a good message (if sometimes preachy), and it is a powerful tale of love, survival, and teamwork. The content is where the higher rating comes from.
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