My Book Review of Daughter of Hades

Daughter of Hades: Book 1 of the Love & Peace SeriesDaughter of Hades: Book 1 of the Love & Peace Series by Mack Little
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Delightful Historical Fiction Containing Horrendous Atrocities

This story is very powerful. There are many disturbing things, but true to history, sadly. The author breeches them with grace and even made the lewd endurable.

What I appreciate greatly was the author presenting the many faces of slavery – all colors (black, white, and mixed), races (African, Irish, French), and types (indentured, forced, born into). She didn’t blame one, but she did call out clearly those who deserved blame. One of my favorite passages:
“Oh, I understand perfectly. Lazy, greedy men willfully blind themselves to the humanity of so many people. I understand the revolting cruel lengths you go to so that we can no longer see our own humanity. I understand your fear, because you know there will be a reckoning.”
And for those who continue to perpetuate this hate and cruelty, reckoning ALWAYS comes – praise God.

The characters are endearing. The love and connections between many of them are moving and really make the tale heartfelt as well as relatable. Lei & Dinny are two of my favorite people. The setup for book two is perfectly done, and I can’t wait to revisit the players I’ve come to care for during this journey.

What drove me crazy throughout the book was the author’s choice to use SAID after every question mark. As an avid reader, that is a pet peev of mine. More so considering I’m an author and editor. It was not used as colloquial or in dialogue, so it’s clear it was a writing style. It often frustrated me enough to pull me from the story.

For those who love historical fiction, such as myself, this is a delight. It’s well researched and written. The verbiage is appropriate and helps bring you into the proper era. It also has appeal for romance, adventure, and coming-of-age readers. It is suiting for today, addressing many modern political iusses that relate to race and corrupt government.
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