My Book Review of The Last Conversation (Forward collection)

The Last ConversationThe Last Conversation by Paul Tremblay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hauntingly Classic

The descriptions of stimulus and textile help bring this sterile world to life in such an interesting way. To be put in the protagonist’s POV adds a haunting layer, which heightens the mystery as well as the emotion. This is delicious sci-fi.

What I liked was the introspection of the protagonist. You felt their frustration and confusion. Their journey opens may topics for discussion.

What I disliked was Dr. Kuhn’s seemingly lack of empathy/sympathy. For a doctor, she seemed rather unemotional at times. I won’t give spoilers, but makes you wonder why… at times, I wondered if she might be alien or AI (you’ll have to read the story to know the answer).

If you are a fan of Ray Bradbury, like me, this will feel like home. It is classic in so many ways. Readers who love genetic engineering, futuristic fiction, and just a twisted tale will want to read this short!
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