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Keeper of the UnicornsStay by Katherine Lawrence
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Interesting Prose, Heartfelt Tale

This was a good story, which I think many tween readers will be able to relate to. Whether dealing with divorce or some sort of family separation, this book offers insight to children and parents alike.

To be honest, I’m not certain about the format. Poetry is subjective, and for me, I think it would’ve been more emotional if it were written in a traditional fiction style. The Prose, though interesting, gave it a disconnected and jolty feeling – more like a script. Some will love it, but for me, it distracted from the experience. However, it fit how the character, Millie, was feeling – splintered, raw, and displaced – so, in the end, it did set the right mood.

What I loved was the amazing images the author painted. One I particularly favored was:
“Is love like a tree leaf that turns brown and drops to the ground? If I had a dog, I would love my puppy evergreen.”
Another that I felt was beautiful, heartfelt, and profound was:
“I wonder how Mum would like moving back and forth every second weekend? All the stuff in my head I need to say out loud, but some words are at Dad’s, others at Mum’s, my sentences scattered between two homes like a trail of socks that don’t match.”

As I said, this story will help adults remember to view life through the eyes of their kids, and it can help the tween cope. It’s not everyone’s taste in style, but it’s a great tale with a powerful and hope-filled message.

I recommend it.
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