Charles E. Taylor – The 1st AMT

On May 24th, the United States celebrates National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day. This may not seem all that exciting, and might appear completely unrelated to Charles Edward Taylor, but both are misconceptions. See, this unique day of remembrance isn’t just special for aviation – it is important for all inventors, mechanics, engineers, and historians. Furthermore, it’s Charlie‘s birthday!

You’re probably asking who Charles E. Taylor is, and why you ought to care. Well, let me tell you…

He is one of three men who made the first powered flight happen with the Wright Flyer. It took not only Orville and Wilbur Wright, but this amazing man to create history. Yep – Charlie invented the FIRST AIRCRAFT ENGINE… ever. This National Aviation Hall of Fame Inductee (enshrined in 1965) was THE first aircraft mechanic.


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