My Book Review of The Hello Girls: America’s First Women Soldiers

The Hello Girls: America’s First Women SoldiersThe Hello Girls: America’s First Women Soldiers by Elizabeth Cobbs
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Heartbreaking, Eye-opening, & Informative

As a female veteran, this book really resonated with me. It’s because of women like those commemorated in this novel that I can vote and be recognized for my own service to my country. The hardships & battles they endured went well beyond those attributed to WWI combat.

To have the history of the policies and politics related to the Signal Corps women (as well as WASPs) is both devastating and triumphant. I wept. Their injustices were disgusting, but equally so, and directly tied to women’s discrimination was the racial issues of the time. And to look at the timeline for the blatant sexist and racial injustices… It brings us to modern times. Again, I openly wept.

Here’s another example of something we didn’t learn in school but should have. Of course, it exposes the “boys club” and the white male supremacy American fought to retain in government… Sad to have such evidence of “the leader of democracy” being one of the last to enfranchise equally to all its people, regardless of sex or color.

The author did a phenomenal job of chronicling the historical events in an accurate but entertaining way. She moved the story at a compelling pace while connecting you to time, people, and events. Even with this being a nonfiction piece, it’s so well written that you’re drawn into the story and introduced to the characters on an intimate level. It’s very emotional.

I definitely recommend this title for readers who love history, war stories… Really there’s so much in this real-life drama – underdog tale, sisterhood saga, memoir… An exceptional read with important historical data that people should know!
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