My Book Review of Grigori Rasputin: A Life From Beginning to End

Grigori Rasputin: A Life From Beginning to EndGrigori Rasputin: A Life From Beginning to End by Hourly History
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Fast but complete and interesting

Rasputin and the Romanovs have always fascinated me. I believe Tzar Nicholas II and his family were truly good people, though misguided at times. However, I’m not certain about the mad monk, and this brief biography doesn’t help make my mind up. I think the best I can say for Grigori is that he’s a complicated fellow shrouded in mystery, myth, and mayhem.

What I liked about this book was how it remained objective. It presented what it knew and what was conjecture clearly. It didn’t try to sway an opinion; just tell the story available so readers could decide who and what Rasputin was for themselves.

I felt this short biography was well researched and presented. It was an entertaining chronicle of a controversial figure in history. Rasputin’s life is dramatic, tragic, dark, and incredible. He is an example of life being more fantastical than fiction.
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