Book 3 In The Duke The Deaf Dog Series


The Newest Book in the Duke the Deaf Dog series by American Sign Language Interpreter, Kelly Brakenhoff with illustrations by Theresa Murray!

Released and published by Emerald Prairie Press!
Sold through Amazon and Kobo internationally in Ebook and Print Format!

Deaf friends Duke and Koa are the same, but they are also different.

Duke the Deaf Dog learns about similarities and differences between friends and families. A fun, engaging way to teach children that best friends share common interests. Their houses may look different, and their parents may have different rules and expectations, but Duke finds one thing families share no matter what: LOVE

You’ll love the Duke the Deaf Dog ASL Series if:

– You want your young child to learn American Sign Language while reading a fun storybook.
– You’re an educator or special education professional looking for diversity resources for your classroom.
– You know a child who is deaf or hard of hearing.

American Sign Language resources included with every purchase:

– Learn 11 ASL signs within the story.
– Learn Visual Language Tips for Parents and Educators.
– Watch the ASL vocabulary words, and the complete story signed on video using the link provided in the book.
– Complete lesson plans and worksheets that complement the Duke stories are available separately as downloadable PDFs


5-star Review, Readers’ Favorite:

“Kelly Brakenhoff’s picture book story, Never Mind (Duke the Deaf Dog ASL), is a touching story about a deaf dog and how he interacts with his friends and his siblings. He likes to be part of all that is going on around him, but he doesn’t like it when others tell him to “never mind.” The language is simple and will appeal to the young reader. The plot develops steadily with compassion. The illustrations are super and definitely help carry the story along. On some pages, there are windows showing a person signing a word used in the story. At the end of the book, the author explains the multiple meanings of “never mind” and how the words are signed differently depending on the meaning intended. A wonderful way to introduce young readers to differences and learning to be patient, kind and understanding at all times. Because no one appreciates being brushed aside with a ‘never mind.'”

Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite


KELLY BRAKENHOFF is an American Sign Language Interpreter whose motivation for learning ASL began in high school when she wanted to converse with her deaf friends. Her first novel, DEATH BY DISSERTATION, kicked off the Cassandra Sato Mystery Series, followed by DEAD WEEK. She also wrote NEVER MIND, first in a children’s picture book series featuring Duke, the Deaf Dog. She serves on the Board of Editors for the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf publication, VIEWs. The mother of four young adults and two dogs, Kelly and her husband call Nebraska home.

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