My Book Review of Majestic 12, Discerning Facts from Fiction

Majestic 12, Discerning Facts from Fiction : MJ-12, the Paranormal Powerbrokers of the Unknown (Paranormal and Unexplained Mysteries Book 21)Majestic 12, Discerning Facts from Fiction : MJ-12, the Paranormal Powerbrokers of the Unknown by Conrad Bauer
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Informative & Well Researched

This is a fascinating topic that has captured my interest since the first time I heard mention of it as a youth. Of course, that’s what drew me to this short book, but what kept me was the meticulous detail. I love all researched material.

What I liked was how the author presented what could be fact versus fiction, why, and what evidence supports that believe. It not only have the reader a better understanding of the topic (the Majestic 12) but of other issues, such as what disinformation really is or how, and why, it’s used. I appreciated the unexplained, unsolved argument being presented in a non-biased but still humorous way that allowed me to make my own conclusions.

What I disliked… that’s a harder one because my instinct is to say that I don’t have the answers I want. LOL. That’s dumb as I knew I wouldn’t – “unexplained mysteries” – but it’s no less true. Propaganda and disinformation is such a disservice to history despite my understanding it’s purpose or the potential value it has a a tool, specially in wartime. I just prefer truth… and time to digest and cope with the harsher truths reality sometimes holds.

This is a non-fiction piece, but it certainly appeals to any reader who loves paranormal, mysteries, aliens, ufology, or a quick read. It’s, also, good for those who are interested in American history and Stanton Friedman. I recommend this story – it’s very cool, especially since I know a lot about the people and events mentioned.
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