My Book Review of The Visit (Black Stars)

The Visit (Black Stars #1)The Visit by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just Wow – Original and Insightful

The gender reversal in the society written about both disturbed and fascinated me. Immediately pulling me in, I saw the parallels between the patriarchal society we exist compared to the one’s the author presented in her universe. It made me hopeful that change was possible – that people might better understand the inequalities that exist and why we need to find balance for all.

What I liked was the contrast presented by showing Nigeria versus America. It felt authentic as though it painted another layer of inequality that exists in the world without being too brash. I think the subtly is one of the things that impressed me while making the story more powerful.

What I disliked was it was too short. Though it was true to life in the sense it left unanswered questions, I wanted those answers LOL. Perhaps I’ll get them as I move onto the next short story in this bundle…

I definitely recommend this read. It’s deep and shocking in many ways. It’s a different view of our reality, which is both fascinating and disturbing. I feel like it’s equally important as it is entertaining.
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