My Book Review of There’s a Bear in the House!

There's a Bear in the House!There’s a Bear in the House! by Walter Kirn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Deep and Thought-provoking

Again, another short story that sounded interesting, though, it still left me without expectations. Reading it, I ran a gamut of emotions – most of which was melancholy with ponderance.

What I liked was the introspection of the protagonist. I liked his vulnerability and honesty… the way he noted things in nature and everyday life – features of the bear, things about his relationship with his father, his father’s decline, and the people he knew as he reconnected with his real life after his loss.

What I disliked was the disconnect I felt between the bear imagery and the overall story. I guess that was my real assumption – there’d be a more significant link. I was disappointed that there wasn’t something more profound relating to the bear or that, sadly, I might have missed the correlation.

This was a quick read. It was deep and another layer of life during Covid-19. If you like stories that make you think, this is for you. It definitely left a weight on my heart and my mind considering life…

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