My Book Review of The Line is Drawn (Mayson-Dickson Mysteries Book Book 1)

Mayson Dickson: The Line is DrawnMayson Dickson: The Line is Drawn by Jocie McKade
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Charming Character With Entertaining Plot

This is my first book by Jocie McKade. Having created characters I felt invested in and an entertaining plot with such potential, it won’t be my last. After all, she wisely left some questions unanswered, so on to book two…

What I liked was the diversity in her characters and the relationships they shared. I like the mystery behind the characters – each has an interesting story of their own. I like that the players aren’t entirely good or bad, either… nor are you 100% sure who to trust.

What I disliked was the editing. There was a lot of missing words and punctuation, erroneous words, inconsistencies with tense and details… One of the protagonists alone went from Emmaline to Emmeline. It was the strong characters and storyline that made this the 4-star read it is. However, a good editor would easily make this book a 5-star.

I do recommend this book for readers who enjoy amateur or female sleuth, sibling fiction, cozy mysteries, and clean romances. Overall, it’s an enjoyable book, despite its flaws, which is what real storytelling is about. Now, onto book two…
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