My Book Review of The Minnesota Iceman

The Minnesota IcemanThe Minnesota Iceman by William Jevning
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Interesting… Compelling Data

Though there were many errors (some repeated text, missing punctuation, and issues with the formatting), I still enjoyed this book. At first, I was frustrated to discover that more than half the book was quoted from other sources. However, the truth is that it was necessary for presenting the case in detail and building the story.

What I liked was just how detailed the author was in telling the tale of the Iceman. He thoroughly researched the subject and presented all the material in a well thought out process. It made a compelling story.

What I disliked about the book was that I wasn’t always clear which author was “speaking.” Also, it didn’t really meet my expectations. I wasn’t expecting a fictional tale, but I wasn’t totally prepared for a more academic approach to the subject. I found it a pleasant turn of events, but I still felt let down at the end. As often happens with mysteries and science, I’m left with more questions than I started with.

The text is too interesting not to recommend to readers fascinated by evolution, Sasquatch, or potential “missing links” on the human family tree. There’s a lot to consider, no matter what you choose to believe in the end.
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