COMMAS: Use with ‘Too’ and ‘Also’

Most of us were taught to use a comma “where you’d naturally take a breath.” Unfortunately, that isn’t really true – this is just a rule of thumb. There really are rules when using commas.

I have always been concerned about getting punctuation correct, but my conviction is more intense since becoming an editor. People rely on me to get it right. In doing so, I make sure that I turn to reliable sources for direction. I tend to follow MLA / Purdue Writing Lab and cross reference it with the Chicago Manual of Style and Oxford Style.

Recently, one topic of discussion that arose among my team was using commas with too and also.

Here is the example: I love reading books. I also love looking at book covers too.

First off, I would suggest to use either also or too but not both. That is redundant. However, for this example, I will leave it so we can use it for our discussion.

Originally, the author had: I love reading books. I also love looking at book covers, too.
I had suggested: I love reading books. I, also, love looking at book covers, too.

Now, we were both right and wrong… Here is why:

The comma before too has been determined by experts to be unnecessary.

The commas around also depends…

For those interested, here are an added tidbits:
Comma With Also (when starting the sentence with Also) and Correlative conjunctions: “Not only… but also

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