The Structure of A Paragraph

Most writers know how to structure a paragraph. It is similar to the overall structure of a paper. You have the opening/main idea, supporting sentences, and closing. Or, as puts it: Transition, topic sentence, supporting sentences, and conclusion (you can read more from them here). Now, what many seem to struggle with is when to begin a new sentence, especially in creative writing.

As both a writer and an editor, I deal with structure and organization frequently. There is an art to both aspects of the writing process, but there are, also, rules. Here are the ones to remember when it comes to starting a new paragraph:

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  • New idea or point
  • Contrast idea or point
  • When readers need a pause
  • Ending an introduction
  • Starting a conclusion

  • New speaker
  • New topic
  • New place
  • New time
  • Dramatic effect

  • Shifting point-of-view
  • Change of character or thing
  • Something happens
  • Setting changes
  • Time passes

Don’t lose your voice or your style, but make sure you understand the proper way to write. Use the tools that are given to you. Make sure you have the best format and structure to get your story told.

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