My Review of A Dazzling Birthday! (Butterbean’s Cafe)

A Dazzling Birthday! (Butterbean's Cafe)A Dazzling Birthday! by Courtney Carbone
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* Cute Gift For A Young Reader’s Birthday *

This show is entertaining for all ages. It has great lessons and good morals, which appeal to my husband & me, our grandkids, and their parents. That is three generations of people who can all appreciate this cute series. To find it has books for the kids – WIN!

I purchase this book and read it to my granddaughter for her 3rd birthday. She was very happy to have received it, and I was quite pleased to have given it. It kept her engaged as it told the story of Dazzle’s friend preparing a surprise party for her. I won’t give too much away, but it is a good lesson on how our actions can be filled with good intentions, but potentially misread. A great tale of communication, working through misunderstandings, and friendship.

I recommend this book. It is well illustrated and written.

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