My Book Review of “The Girls in the Attic”

The Girls in the AtticThe Girls in the Attic by Marius Gabriel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Powerful and Emotional

I am still processing this story, tying to find my words. It’s a view of the war often overlooked and not represented, yet just as horrific and important as any of the concentration camp histories. Perhaps this is more important because it give insight into those people caught between the extremes of WWII Germany. It made me think of tales I’ve heard from veterans and refugees I’ve known who lived through the Viet Nam war (more my age era).

What I liked was the revealing of each character’s psyche. I liked how the author shared their views, insights, and growth while retaining enough detachment not be preachy nor judgmental of their view. Right or wrong, he presented them honestly. It allowed me, as the reader, to understand how so many could accept such outlandish propaganda and cruelty toward others… It never justified it, but rather, gave insight into how people were conditioned to think or even forced to behave in ways outside their normal person.

What I didn’t like is simply the dark nature of humans and the unnecessary hatred seen throughout our history. Do we never learn?

This is not a cozy, happy story. It offers hope, but it’s beautifully written historical fiction – my favorite! It is a compelling story of love, loss, and survival. If you love war books, family saga, romance, dystopian, apocalyptic… You’ll love this novel. It’s amazing!

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