Happy Holidays To All!

I am someone who is innately interested in many things. In particular, I have always been a student of archaeology, ancient near east studies, Egyptology, and ufology. I love learning about religions, legends/mythology, and cultures. People are fascinating – how similar we are as well as how different.

I always taught my children that it is our similarities bringing us together and our differences keeping there. If we were all the same, we would be bored. More so, we would grow stagnant and die. For a species to thrive, it has been scientifically proven that we need diversity. We must have the ability to grow and adapt. That includes ideas as well as physiology.

Why do I bring this up in relation to holidays? Well, let me tell you. People get bent out of shape over holiday greetings, and the simple truth is, we all are saying the same thing: we wish you peace and joy. So regardless of your beliefs or practices, despite which greeting is offered this holiday season, please, understand the real message behind everything is that good cheer and kindness are being shared!

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