The Nymphetamine Girls

The Secrets here in Verdant Glen are expected, they come along with the deeds.

Lisette and Natalia are perfect. What all the other girls want to be. Beautiful and famous as their alter egos online, they revel in the joy of sexual exploration, and exhibitionism online. The views, the likes, the followers. It’s addictive. Almost as addictive as the forbidden fruit of their new teacher, John May.

With a dark past of his own, he sees Lisette for exactly what she is. Both tempting, and troubled. Will he surprise her, or will it be the other way around?

Dealing with divorce and death at a young age, Lisette only has Natalia. And with her mother slowly drinking her way to the grave, Natalia only has Lisette.

But when John shows Lisette how toxic their relationship truly is, will she believe him? Will he change her life if she chooses John over Natalia, or will he destroy it?

Once the dust settles only one of the two girls will make it out alive. The other will have their life irrevocably changed forever.

Vanessa Morris is the Pseudonym for Anna J Walner. She began her journey to becoming an Author at a young age, escaping into the world of books. Visiting faraway places and going on thrilling adventures, while dealing with Social Anxiety.

Anna is now an International Bestselling Author of The Uluru Legacy Series, “Garkain”. Her journey as an Author is only just beginning. Anna is also the Executive Producer of The Author Library Network, host of “The Bookish Nook.”

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