Little Owl by Lauri Schoenfeld


By Lauri Schoenfeld

Published by Twisted Whisperings
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Releasing August 31, 2021

Adaline and Cache Rushner are falling apart. Their daughters are missing, presumed dead. Their marriage is crumbling. Their attempt at starting over in a new city is failing. Adaline is sure their daughters are alive somehow, but Cache finds it too painful to hope and only wants to move on with their lives. Adaline’s certain that the current tragedy has something to do with her childhood, and the lost memories that she can’t seem to recall.  She wonders whether her marriage to Cache can be saved amidst the doubt and uncertainty taking hold of all that she knows to be true.

LITTLE OWL is a tale of truth, redemption, and the hope that urges us onward in spite of our worst fears.

About Lauri:

LAURI SCHOENFELD currently resides in Utah with her hubby, three kids, and dog Jack Wyatt Wolverine. She’s a child abuse advocate, a Nancy Drew enthusiast, and is part cyborg. Teaching creative writing classes to her community is one of her favorite things to do. When she’s not having long conversations with her characters and creating stories, she’s hosting the Enlightenment Show, reading, or solving a mystery.

Lauri’s a well sought-after speaker and a frequent guest with multiple writing groups, podcasts, and businesses, talking about Connecting to Your Artist, Embracing Your Fears to Succeed, and Learning to Love Yourself After Abuse.

She’s the owner of Inner Enlightenment, a business built around connecting to your inner light and child within through stillness, creativity, play, and self-expression. Lauri teaches and holds creativity workshops, retreats, and one-on-one coaching.

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