Atonement (Book 7 of the Detective Ryan Series)

 WIPs and New Releases

1)     Tell us about your book…

Ø  Is this a WIP or a new release?

·     This is a new release set to come out June 7th (available for preorder HERE)

Ø  Is it a standalone or an installment to a series or collection?

·     This is the 7thbook in the Detective Ryan Series

Ø  What is the story about?

·  Murder, revenge, and the death of a loved one have forced Detective Ali Ryan back to New York. With no choice, Ali must face her peers and family, atoning for her mistakes while hunting down her greatest rival, the Red Queen. Every moment counts in this thrilling new chapter in the Detective Ryan Series, where paying for your sins can be deadly.

2)    What inspired this tale?

Ø  How did you come up with the plot?

·  It started with the end of the last book in the Detective Thornton Series (Chaos) and the 6thinstallment of the Detective Ryan Series (Escape). I alluded to a death of a main character and decided to continue from there. It became a book of how much devastation can I cause with the new character, the Red Queen.

Ø  Did you have to research for this novel – if so, what and why?

·  Very minimal. I had to research abandoned warehouses and some places to eat in Rhinebeck and Kingston, NY.

Ø  If you did research, what surprised you most to learn, and why do you think that was?

·  Nothing surprising, but it made me wish I had still been in the area to visit the places instead of looking them up online.

3)   Tell us about your character?

Ø  Who is the main character?

·  Detective Ali Ryan, a smart, sassy, won’t give up detective who is literally put through hell.

Ø  Is your protagonist anything like you, personally?

o   If yes, then how?

§  I would just say her determination and no quit attitude.

Ø  What made you write this character; what made them important to you or made you want to tell their story?

·  The Ali Ryan character has gone through hell. It was important, because there aren’t too many female detective novels out there. I wanted a strong, independent woman to be the focal point of the story. Even when the odds are against her, or she had lost someone she loved, I wanted her to overcome the obstacle and take down the suspect.

4)   Is there anything specific that you want readers to know about this piece of work?

This is the second to last book in the series. It will have several big twists, including a cliffhanger that will have you begging for the next installment in the series.

5)    How do we get a copy?

o   Has the book already been published, or is it available for pre-order? 

·     It is available forpre-order and will release June 7th.

o   Are you offering ARCs to beta readers – if you are, how do they contact you for a copy?

§  You can reach me at

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