Travis and Cyndy Barnes tell their story of hope and inspiration after rebounding from tragedy!

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If you fear you may be about to hit rock bottom—whether compounded by personal tragedy, inner turmoil, or drug abuse, then fitness entrepreneur Travis Barnes’s latest book, Journey Fitness, will give you the hope and inspiration to never give up.

Barnes not only picked up the pieces of his life with his wife and new daughter, but also set out to build his dream of making a highly successful personal fitness business—all through the help of his spouse and his faith in God.

Journey Fitness tells a tale of how, by dedicating himself to hard, honest work, Barnes was able to find his way back to the road to success, helping other people who want to change their situation, but lack a plan for doing so. You’ll be encouraged and empowered with great advice and strategies for personal improvement, from weight loss to personal fitness.

When you hit bottom, the only way to go is up. All you need is the will and personal faith—and a healthy dose of support from your family.


About Travis

Before Travis Barnes became a best-selling author, international presenter, founder and franchisor of Journey Fitness 333 he spent a decade of his life in prison for a nonviolent drug offense. Upon returning home to his wife and daughter he worked hard to grow himself in the fitness industry so he could buy his family a home of their own. 2 months after buying their home Tropical Storm Lee caused it to be flooded to the second floor. Approximately 1 year after the flood while still rebuilding their home and during the Christmas holiday season Travis was let go from his employment as COO for a local fitness company. After he and his wife spent 6 months as traveling trainers and while still living on an unemployment check and in a FEMA trailer, they began what is now a fitness franchise. Most recently and with the rest of the industry Travis has overcome the obstacles of the pandemic by redesigning his business. Travis has used the pandemic as an opportunity to instead of returning to business as normal, he has returned to business as better than normal. Travis is an Overcomer.

More information about Travis can be found at: Overcoming Obstacles Presenter | Travis Barnes Speaks    

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About Cyndy

Cyndy Barnes is the founder and franchisor of Journey 333. She is an ACE certified personal trainer, coauthor of the book “Journey Fitness” with forward written by Todd Durkin and co-author of 52 Amazing Journeys. She is also ranked number 11 of the 50 most inspiring women of all time according to Shape Magazine.

More information can be found about Journey 333 at: Journey 333 (


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