APRIL – National Poetry Month



I have always been a fan of poetry.  I wrote it to help me cope through my difficult teen years.  It romanced me through Shakespeare.  One poem of his that stays with me is Sonnet 3: Look in thy glass and tell the face thou viewest.  Even as a youth it moved me.

Often, lyrics are poetry set to music – at least the good songs are, in my opinion.  There is usually something primordial to the rhythms of the words as much as there’s depths in their meaning.  I think that is why poetry gets right to the heart of things.  It doesn’t seep into you – it goes right for the kill.  Still, isn’t that the point?  Shouldn’t poetry reflect life and challenge us to look in the mirror?

Which poets or poems have left a mark on you?

I am a huge fan of Frost.  One of my favorites shall always be:

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