Colin\'s Conundrum: A Steamy 19th Century Romance (The Victorians Book 3)Colin’s Conundrum: A Steamy 19th Century Romance by Simone Beaudelaire
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I love this story!

This is my favorite series (and story) by Simone Beaudelaire. I waited a long time (a few years actually) for her to finish this novel (and trilogy). It was well worth the wait!
I love Daisy’s sunshine. She reminds me of Pollyanna, whom I love. Her kindness, respect for the earth, delight of literature & art, and faith is light in the darkness of both Victorian England as well as modern times. It is no wonder is was so healing for Colin’s depression.
Colin is relatable. The weight he carries is something most of us can understand. His melancholy is inline with modern moods and his journey is hope-inspiring.
This story has romance, friendship, family, mystery, and emotion. It offers surprises, causes worry, and gives you hope. There’s room for tears and giggles. It’s definitely an enjoyable read, especially if you love historical fiction or period stories, like I do.

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