Remembering Kenneth Arnold’s UFO Sighting


On June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold spotted something he couldn’t explain flying over Mount Rainier.  It became known as the most widely recognized UFO sighting in modern America.

He also wrote a book:

The whole world has heard about flying saucers. But do you really know how it all got started? Do you know who first saw the flying saucers?
Meet pilot Kenneth Arnold. In “The Coming of the Saucers,” Arnold describes – in breathtaking detail – his incredible sighting of the flying saucers on June 24, 1947.
Arnold also recounts his harrowing investigation into the infamous Maury Island Incident, which ended with the deaths of two Air Force intelligence officers after they flew past Mount Rainier – where Arnold had seen the discs.
After being followed by Men in Black, Arnold discovered that his hotel room had been bugged, and that he had been manipulated by CIA asset Fred Lee Crisman, an eventual suspect in the JFK assassination. Following these and other strange, spooky occurrences, Arnold barely escaped a plane crash himself!

Arnold was a private man, who rarely lectured or made public appearances. “The Coming of the Saucers” is thus a rare, primary-source document of importance to all UFO researchers and enthusiasts. Not only is this the story of the first two major UFO sightings in the U.S., but it is also the birth of the Men in Black mythos.

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