My Review of I Bought the Sun for a Dollar

I Bought the Sun for a DollarI Bought the Sun for a Dollar by Gary Starta
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An Entertaining View of the Science of Metaphysics!
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
I’ve begun to read Gary Starta’s work and I have to say, I’m impressed. Not only does he write enjoyable tales but they’re smart as well!
When I first received I BOUGHT THE SUN FOR A DOLLAR, I honestly didn’t know what to think. Since it was Gary’s book, I wasted no time in reading it. What the story held was surprising.
What I enjoyed:
I liked the way the story was organized. It built the plot while drawing me in more and more. I appreciated how flawed the characters are and how the cat responded to them. It was nice to see the grace given throughout the telling, especially with the focus attributed to negative and positive energies. I enjoyed the insertion of science and its interplay with metaphysics – a science fiction that may be less fiction than we can currently prove… It also impressed me how the author chose not to inform the protagonists of every detail. There wasn’t a ‘great reveal’ for anyone really, which is more natural and truthful in reality.
What I disliked:
I wish the ending would have last longer. LOL I would’ve liked to have more details about the final cataclysm and its impact on the characters. That being said, the ending was tidy and appropriate… I’m just being honest about what I, personally, would’ve liked.
This is a good story and one I definitely recommend. If you like scifi, fantasy, paranormal, mystery, conspiracy theories, or romances, you’ll want to grab a copy of this gem of a book!

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