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eReaders Have Been Around Since The 1930s

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One Christmas
When the motion pictures came out with ‘The Talkies‘, an American writer, Bob Brown, came out with ‘The Readies‘.

Robert (Bob) Carlton Brown, II was born in Chicago and lives from June 14, 1886 until August 7, 1959.  He was a writer, publisher, and inventor.  He invented a mobile reading machine that utilized microfilm ribbon that was able to adjust font size by scrolling over a magnifying glass for readers to enjoy books.  Yep, he created the eReader!

It took time for technology to catch up enough to fully realize what Bob had envisioned.  By the time things had advanced for electronic paper and hand-held devices to be developed, it was the late 1990s.  The first commercial eReader was released in late 1998 by NuvoMedia.  It was called Rocket ebook.  The Amazon Kindle came out in 2007 with a library of ebooks, and they’re responsible for bring the advancement of the cloud reader.


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