My Review of Whispers Of Death by Ronald Kihali

Whispers Of DeathWhispers Of Death by Ronald Kihali
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*A Quick Read for Poetry Lovers*
I enjoyed the complex emotions and thoughts in the poems. However, I would have had a greater enjoyment of the pictures painted by the words if the verses had been longer.
The poet’s choice to used a blank verse style, sometimes with rhyming, gave it a lyrical sense. The rhetoric was impressive, adding strength to his voice. I found it reminiscent of piece I’d read while in high school – pieces that developed my love for poetry.
I liked Sonnet 17 (Peace). Ir really resonated with me. The strong themes in most of Ronald Kihali’s work encouraged community and love. The contrast of light and dark… the desire to be better than we are and saved from the shadows of misery were nicely represented in The Arm That Ought to Rule.
If you love poetry, this is a book for you!

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