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5-Star Review for J.M. Northup‘s

TALLY: A Polyamorous Romance


Tally: A Polyamorous Romance is a contemporary romance novel written by J.M. Northup. Lex felt personally culpable when he saw that Tally’s ex-boyfriend, George, had somehow gotten into Tally’s office and was harassing her. But Tally just didn’t see things that way. She had sent George packing with a threat to get a restraining order if he tried to see her again. Tally couldn’t ever forgive his behavior towards her or his wife. But Tally didn’t blame Lex for not being there to stop George. Being her assistant was not the same as being her bodyguard. Tally and Lex had been friends for just about their entire lives, and Lex’s husband, Kode, had also come to be considered as part of Tally’s extended family. Jazz, the ebullient and sometimes harsh Amazon who was Tally’s law partner, was quick to respond to George’s intrusion by laying blame on Lex, but Tally just wasn’t having it. When Jazz used her position in the firm as a partner to bully Lex, Tally came to a decision about Lex and his professional role. Jazz wouldn’t like it much, but it was the right thing to do.

J.M. Northup’s contemporary romance novel is a warm and engrossing story about family and love. Tally’s decision to make Lex a partner, and her request to Lex and Kode, come from her heart and she’s willing to risk everything to make those things happen. Watching as the three friends come to terms with their relationships and establish new feelings of trust and security is a marvelous thing indeed. I especially enjoyed getting to see Lex and Kode’s interactions as well as how they work to accommodate their relationship with Tally. The highlight of this book for me, however, is the dinner Tally hosts for her extended family. It’s warm, magical and unforgettable. Tally: A Polyamorous Romance is most highly recommended.

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