My Book Review of THE LORANTH

The Loranth (Star Sojourner, #1)The Loranth by Jean Kilczer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Fascinating View of Alien Lifeforms

My favorite part of this book is the refreshing view of intelligent alien life. I thought the author’s take on the concepts of interplanetary development was genius. She asked thoughtful questions and made me consider them as deeply as her protagonist did.
I struggled with a lot of the characters because there really wasn’t one that I felt connected too. Each was vital to the story and were great representatives of their respective outlooks on life, but none really spoke to me on a personal level. Jack probably came the closest to a kindred spirit, but Morth and Gretchen were probably my favorite characters…
I was both intrigued and horrified by the “master” concept. Understanding history, I felt the victor was accurate and truthful – many primitive people mistake advanced peoples for gods. It was just very uncomfortable for me and the character Christine just seemed all the heinous because of her choices. I found I loathed her as much as I did the antagonist, Kor.
Overall, this is a really good read and I’d recommend it for scifi readers. It has mystery, adventure, suspense, violence, and love… It isn’t a “light” read, but it is a fascinating one!

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