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XamanXaman by Simone Beaudelaire & Edwin Stark 
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Xaman takes you on an adventure that links history to the present. It is a romantic story about true love and the complexity of the heart. Set in the deep jungles of Belize, with the allure of Maya mysticism, this story captivates you with the blend of action, romance, and supernatural delights. I can truly say that this tale has something for everyone!
Reading this book, I found myself completely engrossed, forgetting my own reality. This story was compelling and the world the authors created was enchanting! The detailed descriptions of the jungle brought it to life and allowed it to surround me. The struggles of the characters were both real and moving, making me love some and hate others. The layering of personalities and the truth about the imperfections of the relationships the characters shared was spot on. It made this story even more gripping.
I thought the sex scenes were well written, scintillating and sexy, but still passionate and tender. The violence was frightful and intense, but not sickening or distasteful. The historical foundations were accurate, making the story all the more believable. The blending of the authors was seamless; there was no distinction from one voice to the author. The fact that both genders were represented by the co-authors only added to the realism of the characters and the story!

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