Family of StrangersFamily of Strangers by Barbara Willis
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An Unexpected Tale of Love

The depths of this story are emotional and thought-provoking. Could someone you love go missing without a trace they’ve ever existed? Could you be lost, but not realize it? What if you were the only one who remembered the lost, or being lost yourself?
I didn’t expect the tale I read, which made it all the more endearing. I experienced the story – told as if a friend were sharing her history with me over tea – as Eva, the protagonist, did. As things unfolded for her, they did for me because I wasn’t sure what a “Family of Strangers” meant. Now that I know, I think I might be as changed as Eva…
If you enjoy period pieces or historical fiction, then you’ll love the pre-world war era this touching English account of love and friendship is set in. If you enjoy romance, then you’ll want to cuddle up with this book. If you enjoy mystery or paranormal, then this unique novel is sure to please.
I highly recommend this book, and I’m praying there’s a sequel…

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