My Review of BLOOD FEVER!

Blood FeverBlood Fever by Simone Beaudelaire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Not Your Average Vampire Story!
Though this story was inspired by an actual New Orleans’ legend, The Count St. Germain and Jacques Saint Germain, it is a fresh and original take on the old tale. It has all the twists and turns you’d expect from a good vampire story, but with an intelligent touch of An realism found in the form of science. An interesting fabric of truth and fiction is woven into a love story that spans ages.
I loved this book and definitely recommend it to romance readers, dark fiction lovers, vampire enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys the paranormal, legends, or myths. This author presents an intriguing take on the state of vampirism and the nature of the condition. She also executes a touching love story while creating a thrilling tale of lust, lies, and the basic human desire to be in control of one’s own fate.
Great book! This is one I shall keep in my personal library and read again, and again!

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