My Interview with Bestselling Author, ROBIN MURPHY!

My Interview with ROBIN MURPHY!

I am so excited to be able to interview you, Robin!  Not only are you my friend and colleague, but also you’re an Amazon bestselling mystery writer and I cannot wait to introduce you to my readers!
1.     To begin, please tell us how you’d describe yourself?
I have been on a journey of rediscovering myself over the last ten years or so, and what a ride it’s been. I’ve gone through ups and downs, and through this pilgrimage, I’ve been able to tap into my creative side, as well as my spiritual side. I like to help others in any capacity that I can with what I’ve learned over the years.
I’d like to think that I’m generous, kind, loyal, and a little silly. I definitely love to laugh. I have a huge sense of curiosity, which allows me to push the envelope of learning new things and meeting new people. Everyone has something to offer and I think that makes me lucky to be a part of the world I live in.
2.     You’ve said you didn’t have any ambitions to become an author, but then one day, in 2006, you sat down and wrote your first novel.  I’m always interested in hearing what inspires an author and what motivated them to publish, so let’s discuss your journey in more detail.
·        What made you decide to write a book?  What initially inspired the story, and how did it lead to a bestselling novel?
o I think all of the voices in my head inspired my first book, A Time for Firsts, which flopped, lol. But it got the creative juices going for Sullivan’s Secret, the first book in my paranormal mystery series. This book was developed from my writing course and my interest in ghost investigations, psychics, and mysteries. To be honest, the credit for it becoming a bestseller goes to my publisher, Creativia.
·        What lead you to publish your work?
o My inner desire to be a published author. I first published Sullivan’s Secret through a small press, then eventually self-published it, and finally, had it published with Creativia.
·        You’re signed with our publisher, CREATIVIA.  How did this partnership get forged?
o Interestingly enough, through Twitter. I received a message from Creativia that they were interested in my books. I sent them my manuscripts and the rest, as they say, is history.
·        Had you self-published or tried to go the traditional route, querying literary agents?  If yes, what was that experience like and how did it guide you to Creativia?
o Yes, I did it all. I queried agents and publishers, and was discovered by the small-press publisher, which was very exciting, but I realized I was able to do more on my own, so I did the self-publishing route. Through all of my hard work in marketing my books on my author platform, Creativia found me.
3.     The more I learn about you, the more fascinated I become.  I recently learned you are the sole-proprietor ROOKIE WRITER SOLUTIONSand INDEPENDENT VIRTUAL ADMIN (IVA).  Let’s discuss this because I feel it’s really important to share with my readers, especially the ones who aspire to become published authors themselves!
ü  RWS is my brainchild that developed from my non-fiction book, A Complete “How To” Guide for Rookie Writers. I wanted to share my journey on how to first, get that book written, and then second, give the best possible advice I could on how to self-publish, create book trailers, etc. I ran into so many roadblocks and worked tirelessly to find results and wanted to cut out that part of the guesswork for other rookie writers.
Ø  Going from novice to professional is sometimes very daunting.  How did you make the transition and what was your journey like?
ü  Very, very long… and it took a lot of patience and perseverance. I guess the bottom line is that I just LOVE to write and everything else was secondary. I couldn’t forget that I needed to write first, and then market my books. There is so much to do with regard to the author platform and social media, etc. I just took it one day at a time.
Ø  What advice do you offer an aspiring author?
ü  “Keep on writing…” That’s my motto. No matter how you pursue the publishing aspect for your books, you must keep on writing.
Ø  What was the most beneficial advice you feel you’ve received?
ü  To never forget my passion for writing. That came from one of my biggest fans… my husband.
Ø  What is IVA?
ü  IVA is my latest venture of me becoming my own boss. I’m offering my 30+ years of experience of being in the administrative field.
Ø  Do you feel the websites you run enhance your writing in any way?  If so, how?
ü  Yes, it motivates me when I’m able to help other authors. All I’ve ever envisioned was to be able to share my experiences to make it a little easier. I’ve developed relationships over the years, which has given me such joy and gratification when I can help others.
4.     I read your paranormal mystery series, Marie Bartek and the SIPS Team, was inspired by your interests in the paranormal, murder mysteries, and ghost investigations.  I just want to ask, have you been involved in ghost investigations, or have you had any personal paranormal experiences?  For your protection, I won’t inquire as to your experience with murder. JLOL
LOL, yes, let’s keep the murder side out of this interview.
I did go on a local ghost investigation with a great group called, Antietam Paranormal Society. It opened my eyes to what really goes on in an investigation. Even though it’s exciting to catch an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), the amount of work that goes behind an investigation really opened my eyes and helped me portray that in my stories.
I have not had any personal experiences with ghosts, but I have had some amazing conversations with folks who have had their own paranormal encounters.
5.     You’ve published both fiction and non-fiction.  Let’s focus the next set of questions on what the differences in writing these two genres require.
·        What is your normal writing process like?  Do you keep notes or an outline?  How do you plan out your annual projects?
o I do take notes and write in my journal when an “idea” pops into my head. There are so many of them rattling around it’s a bit scary, lol.
o To be perfectly honest, I don’t plan out my annual projects. I do find myself writing what comes to me, or when the mood strikes. There have been times when I plan to continue with the next book in my series, but there’s another book calling out to me. That’s usually the one that gets written next because it just won’t leave me alone.
·        Does your writing process change depending on the topic you’re writing about?  If so, how and why?
o I don’t think it changes other than the research topics change. One minute I can be researching a town in France and another moment I’m researching how psychometry works.
·        Do you think it’s easier to write fiction because you don’t have to fact check, or do you find non-fiction is easier since you have the research to reference?
o No to both questions.
o To me, it’s vitally important to research whether you’re doing fiction or non-fiction. I may be writing a fictional story, but if the setting is in a town that isn’t fictional, I believe an author needs to be sure they have their facts right because there may come a time when a reader could be from that town, and if they read something that isn’t correct, it just may turn them off your story.
o As far as fiction goes, it’s just as difficult. The information you are putting out there really needs to be correct to give yourself credibility.
·        How does your writing affect your websites and the services you offer?  Do you feel your creative writing or your technical non-fiction boosts these endeavors more?  How, and why?
o I believe that when I stretch my writing into new genres, I learn a little more every time, which in turn allows me to offer my knowledge with others.
o I don’t feel one out-boosts the other. I think they equally increase my offerings from my website.
6.     What can we expect to see from you over the coming year?
I’m currently working on the fifth book in my paranormal mystery series, Savannah’s Secret, which as you would have guessed, takes place in Savannah, GA, and involves those bloodsuckers of the night.
·        Check out Robin’s protagonist from her book POINT AND SHOOT FOR YOUR LIFE:
o CLICK HERE to be redirected to the character interview.
Thanks again for meeting with me.  You’re a very successful and accomplished person, and I’m honored to know you!
Thank you for having me, Julie! It’s a great honor to be chatting with
an amazing fellow bestselling author!

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