My Review of Maroboodus

A Historical Fiction Piece by Alaric Longward

My readers all know that I am a historical fiction fan with a love for Vikings.
This book was right up my alley!
There is a moment in the story that upset me and made me cry.
Leave a comment with your guess as to what scene it was!

MaroboodusMaroboodus by Alaric Longward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you love the Vikings, this books for you!

What a riveting tale! This work of historical fiction has adventure, angst, betrayal, and love. There’s hope in the midst of pain, and heartbreak before healing. The author tells the story as though it’s a memoir filled with adventure and battles. The plot is clever as well as unpredictable.
I really liked the flaws of the protagonist, Maroboodus. Even though you’re “in his head”, you aren’t always clear if he’s acting with good intentions or just a violently defiant scallywag. No matter; he’s believable and human. He’s a complex character whom I enjoyed reading.
I adored Saxa and Ceadda, and liked Njord. Hulderic was honorable, and I understood him as much as Maroboodus’s love for him. Agin was someone I really appreciated, especially when it came to his sister, Saxa.
The cast of characters was well written and developed. The religious depictions accurate. It’s easy to see how the Svea and Goths were earlier versions of the Vikings to come.

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